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French engineer student looking for unqualified job like waiter, dish washer, paperboy, ... for 6 month.

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Educational Qualification

Since September 2009



Student in Ergonomics, Design and Mechanical Engineering at the university of Technology in Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM)
(courses: industrial drawing, materials, conception, ergonomics, web design, “introduction to environmental issues”, “Health & Security at work”and English)

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I am a French Engineer Student in Mechanical Design at the UTBM.

I am currently living in Copenhaguen and want to make a fulfilling work experience which enables me to meet some people in a dynamic atmosphere. I enjoy meeting new people and share experience, I am fond of sport especially badminton I used to play in club for years. I am hardworking, smiling but my main quality is “I am a trusty person” you would rely on.
I expect my enthusiasm and my...