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Position: Business development, product development, marketing management, optimisaton. Industry: very interested of mechanical industry BUT totally open to other fields such as electrical, automaton, etc.. countries: USA, England, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Singapore, Australia.

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Etudes suivies

5 e année Master's of Science in product development, Business specialization

Ecole : Chalmers University of Technology

41296 Göteborg se

Période du stage

durée : 4-10 weeks

de : 2010-06-06 à : 2010-08-14

Extrait du cv

Educaton • 2009/09 – 2011/06: Master of Science in Product development(business track) and Engineering diploma in Automaton and Mechatronics at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg (Sweden). • 2009/09 – 2010/06: An Erasmus exchange year in Ecole Centrale Paris (France). • 2009/01 – 2009/06: Bachelor thesis «Autonomous collision avoidance» which is a project proposed by Volvo Cars and aims to develop the vehicles’ safety systems (Chalmers university of Technology). • 2006/08 – 2009/06: Bachelor of Science degree in Automaton and Mechatronics at Chalmers University of Technology. • 2005/08 – 2006/06: a technical base year at Chalmers University of Technology. • 2003/09 – 200...

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I am a openminded person, multicultural and do not have any problem to integrate in new places. My passion to travels gave me the ability to make contact with any person from any culture easily. I have also learned during my studies to work in group and I have the teamwork spirit....